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Sustainable Design / LEED


We are committed to a design process that examines client sustainability requirements and the consideration we give to sustainable principles is simply part of good design. Our commitment to sustainable design is basic to our practice for several reasons. First, we believe making the constructed building as environmentally responsible as possible is simply the right thing to do. Furthermore, it has been established that sustainable design brings many benefits to the client and their community:

• Environmental Benefits: reduce the impact of natural resource consumption.
• Economic Benefits: significantly reduce building operating costs, optimize life-cycle economic performance, increase building valuation and reduce liability.
• Health and Safety Benefits: enhance occupant comfort and health, improve occupant performance.
• Community Benefit: minimize strain on local infrastructure and improve the overall quality of life.

We are constantly encouraging our clients to commission projects that are designed for environmental sustainability and limited use of depletable natural resources. While some projects are designed using a quantifiable green building rating system such as LEED, our philosophy of sustainable design aims to use global principles of sustainability in all of our projects.

Environmentally Sensitive Site Designs

At F&D we strive to provide our clients with site planning and design that enhances the chosen site to achieve a balance. Although every project site is different, there are some basic principles of design that we use, including:

• Limiting disturbances (tree clearing and land grading)
• Avoiding steep slopes and wetlands
• Protecting natural areas and habitats
• Limiting impervious surfaces
• Providing innovative and effective storm water management
• Creative landscaping and use of native plants

Our goal is to produce a building that will have minimal environmental impact with maximum human comfort.

certifications include leed and green globes