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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

 F&D International provides an organized and efficient approach throughout all phases of steel building construction that result in cost-effective construction solutions.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) are very versatile, and over time the industry has become more sophisticated, adding sufficient design capabilities to accommodate more complex buildings. At F&D we are experts at thinking outside the box, so we can help our clients achieve all of their goals. Our experience with engineered metal buildings, not only in the design phase, but also in the field, provides us with a strong ability to provide creative and cost-effective solutions for clients.

Benefits of a Pre-Engineered Building

They are cost effective and efficient for many types of capital construction projects such as maintenance facilities, fire stations, airports, warehouses and administration buildings. They offer economical options that accommodate larger interior spaces and high ceilings. This is why many agencies and commercial clients invest in metal building systems for their infrastructure. They provide a high return on investment, meet the need for both function and form, and exterior facades can be enhanced to meet the distinct appearance and design needs for each project.

Energy Efficiency and Performance

PEMB buildings can utilize a multitude of high-performance insulation options –from fiberglass to rigid board, which can meet or exceed energy conservation codes requirements of both ASHRAE 90.1 and the IECC.

As an added bonus, metal buildings are 100 percent recyclable which makes them the most eco-friendly option on the market.

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