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Healthcare facilities are complex, busy places, and they need both logical analysis as well as creativity and spirit to work for the body and soul. If you think about it, some of the best – and worst – moments in life take place in healthcare facilities. At F&D we feel that it is an honor and responsibility to play a part in those moments.

Our strategy in new and remodeled facilities is to maximize dollar investment by developing flexible designs that work for a variety of users while investing in high-impact areas such as entries, common areas and building systems. We strive to make communities better through more effective and innovative healthcare, delivered in sustainable, efficient and beautiful buildings.

  • Design spaces that contribute to a healing environment
  • Provide designs for future facility growth
  • Understand stakeholders/staff needs, and goals
  • Work with your staff to establish infection control
  • Assess patient flow to reduce wait times
  • Assist with compliance for life safety codes
  • Refine the look and feel of your facility
  • Implement sustainability designs to reduce overhead


We understand the healthcare business challenges and we will help you move forward with effective strategies to provide advanced healthcare for your community.