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The team at F&D International provides a full range of facility inspection services for health care providers. Our mission is to help our clients make informed capital purchase and improvement decisions. A formal facility assessment is one of the keys to solving infrastructure issues, plan for renovations or purchase or sale. We provide a professional team of architects, engineers and cost estimators with expertise in:

• Assessment of existing buildings for expansions or upgrades
• Analyze building for future capital expenses
• Analyze deferred maintenance issues
• ADA / Code compliance inspections
• Determine whether to renovate or replace aging buildings

Healthcare codes are written to a higher standard and need to consider everything from seismic concerns to fire resistance; for these reasons, a building assessment is an important tool for the health facility professional to manage the process of capital expenditures and budgets for renovations, upgrades or new construction. We will work closely with your management team to identify solutions and create a realistic plan for implementation.

For nearly 20 years F&D International has provided clients with a wide range of architecture and engineering services across the entire Rocky Mountain Region.