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Financial Capital Planning Solutions

Buildings need continual maintenance and repair. How do you determine which buildings in your portfolio receive the time, attention, and dollars that they deserve and need? How do you decide how much money to allocate to each building?

Allocation of funds

In today’s world, it no longer makes sense to distribute funds equally across your buildings. You need a Capital Financial Plan that will carry you into the future with realistic budgets as part of your Facility Master Plan.

F&D International has a system to categorize your projects and gather data to present to stakeholders.  We use our facility asset database to help you track and manage your assets, as well as your repair and maintenance costs. We will assist you allocate dollars effectively across all of your capital projects, allow you to adjust your budgets quickly as new issues arise and communicate effectively to your stakeholders and facility managers across your entire building portfolio.  Our database will allow you to demonstrate the details (both best and worst) of your buildings with comprehensive reports.

Project Categorizing

While each of your facility needs may vary, through our experience in Facility Condition Assessments, Asset Management and Capital Planning, we have examined hundreds of buildings and we have found that these project categories are typical:


• Life Safety Projects
• Code Compliance Reports
• Return on Investment (ROI) Projects
• Standards of Service Projects
• Opportunity Cost Projects