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The F&D architectural design team will help fulfill your vision and provide you with creative, effective design solutions. Our expertise includes design for public and private clients, and our portfolio includes municipal buildings, fire facilities, law enforcement, medical buildings, restaurants, urban renewal, office buildings, and custom homes.

We approach every project as an opportunity to design something unique that reflects the needs and goals of our client and creates a meaningful sense of place. Our team seeks to reveal creative design strategies and technical innovation that are inspired by our clients, the site and the ecological context. At F&D we will provide you with high-quality, personalized services specific to your unique needs and budget.

services INCLUDE

• Design Development
• Construction Drawings
• LEED/Sustainable Design
• Interior Design
• Restoration/Renovation
• Historic Preservation
• Space Planning / Needs Assessments
• Facility Master Plans


Commercial Architecture
Residential Architecture
• Municipal Facilities
• Industrial Facilities
• Multi-Family
• Hospitality
• Governmental
• New construction
• Remodels / Upgrades / Additions


Our team of professionals use AutoDesk Revit (the latest in BIM technology) to design our projects. The benefit of 3D modeling is the ability to observe the design from any angle. This helps us identify any potential conflicts in the design process, thus saving time and money. Our clients can view their building from any angle giving them a better idea of the overall design.

ADA Compliance Audits

ADA litigation is on the rise and the F&D team of professionals can provide you with ADA compliance inspections and reports to ensure that you meet accessibility compliance under federal disability rights law. We can provide new design accessibility reviews prior to construction, due diligence reports, transition plans for existing and historic buildings, as well as expert witness reports.

At F&D we create architecture for every type of user, including those with disabilities. We consider ADA needs in all of our designs– our goal is to make the world more accessible to those with functional variations.


  • ADA Audits that identify accessibility barriers
  • Existing buildings transition plans
  • New construction drawing reviews
  • ADA architectural and engineering designs
  • Code reviews
  • Due diligence reports
  • Parking stall layout and restriping plans
  • Structural remodeling plans for ADA compliance

Building owners trust F&D to help them successfully manage the repair, renewal, replacement, and compliance of their facilities.

Tenant Improvements

Many architectural projects involve remodeling the interior of an existing building. At F&D, tenant improvement design is one of our specialties; we offer improvement design services to make the necessary changes and upgrades. Some new tenants require a partial or complete change within the existing space so that it matches their design preferences and image of the new business, and the F&D team provides innovative design solutions through years of experience working for a wide range of businesses.

Recent Projects

Garfield County Sheriff Department, Rifle Station, Rifle, Colorado

Garfield County Sheriff Department, Rifle Station, Rifle, Colorado

Case Study Garfield County Sheriff Department, Rifle Station, Rifle, Colorado F&D was selected by Garfield County to provide a facility condition assessment and facility master plan for the sheriff building in Rifle as part of the development of 5 year and 10 year...

Garfield County, Jail, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Garfield County, Jail, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Case Study Garfield County, Jail F&D International was selected to provide the county with a Facility Condition Assessment and Master Plan for the jail which was constructed in 2001 with the capacity to house 204 inmates, in minimum, medium and maximum...

Garfield County Sheriff Department, Glenwood Springs

Garfield County Sheriff Department, Glenwood Springs

Case Study Garfield County Sheriff Department The F&D team was selected to provide a facility condition assessment, ADA audit, architectural programming, space needs analysis, engineering consulting and architectural consulting for the Garfield County Sheriff as a...